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Winter has been packing a punch this year, leaving many of us with snow on the roof while we listen to the rumble of our furnaces.

In keeping with the season, here are three of SaskEnergy’s top natural gas safety tips to help keep you and your family safe this winter.

1. Keep your exterior appliance vents free of frost, ice and snow.

If snow or ice blocks your home’s exterior appliance vents, it can cause equipment to malfunction. Worse, it can cause a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide—an odourless, colourless, tasteless, invisible gas that occurs through the incomplete combustion of fuels. Any appliance that burns fuel can cause carbon monoxide to build up—including furnaces, fireplaces, water heaters and gas stoves.

2. Keep your natural gas meter free of snow and ice, including the meter’s regulator and shut-off valve.

Leaky eavestroughs or melting snow from your roof can sometimes drip onto your meter and cause it to ice up.

To safely clean snow or ice off your natural gas meter, use a soft-bristle brush or broom or gently remove the snow by hand.
Never use a shovel or other tool to chip or scrape ice or snow off your meter, and never hit or kick your meter to break up any ice. And don’t use hot water or chemical de-icers as these can also damage the meter.

Also avoid using a snowblower or snowplow near your meter and don’t shovel or pile snow around it.

Keeping snow and ice off and away from your natural gas meter, regulator and shut-off valve will help ensure this equipment continues to operate when you need it most.

3. Have your furnace inspected every year.

Annual maintenance can help keep your furnace running safely and at peak efficiency—giving you peace of mind.

SaskEnergy Network Members offer a Home Heating Tune-Up which includes inspecting your furnace’s chimney, heat exchanger, blower compartment and fan, gas pilot and drive systems and high-limit controls. Your furnace’s motor and fan will also be cleaned and lubricated, and your burners will be cleaned and reset.

As an added safety incentive, customers who book their annual furnace maintenance service with a participating SaskEnergy Network Member will receive a free carbon monoxide alarm at the time of their appointment.

Learn more safety tips.

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