Customers choose natural gas for reliability, affordability

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Greg Stewart (left) and Beverly Myers (right) are happy to have natural gas as an energy source.

SaskEnergy continued to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy to Saskatchewan in 2022-23 as demand for natural gas continued to grow. Two of our customers share why natural gas is the right choice for them — now and into the future — in our 2022-23 Annual Report.

Greg Stewart owns a home at Benito Beach, a resort community in Duck Mountain Provincial Park. Greg and 22 of his neighbours became SaskEnergy customers in fall 2022, and he couldn’t be happier about it.

“The cost savings over electric are unbelievable. I got a new furnace and a standby natural gas generator, which I’m happy to have because now I don’t have to worry about power outages,” says Greg. “For my neighbours, to not have to worry about the propane running out when it’s 40 below is a major relief, knowing the natural gas will always flow in the winter. Not only is it a cost saving, but now they don’t have a big tank in their yards, either.” 

SaskEnergy provides more than 408,000 customers with affordable energy. In 2022-23, our residential customers had the lowest average total natural gas bills in Canada.

Our rebate programs are another way we help customers save money and achieve their emission reduction goals. Saskatoon resident Beverly Myers took part in our Residential Equipment Replacement Rebate program. She had two new high-efficiency natural gas appliances installed at her home. 

“My furnace and water heater were both over 20 years old and didn’t work well. I chose natural gas for my new appliances because it’s a lot cheaper as far as energy sources go — I heat the house and I heat the garage and it doesn’t cost me very much. It’s also a lot faster for heating water. It’s worth the investment, because you’ve got to have heat in Saskatchewan,” says Beverly. 

SaskEnergy invested over $4 million in rebate programs last year. Thousands of our customers took part in these programs. This helped them to save 19,225 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)!

Our largest infrastructure project in 2022-23 was the completion of a new meter station and a 30.5-kilometre transmission gas line from Belle Plaine to Moose Jaw. This will supply SaskPower’s Great Plains Power Station, a new natural gas power plant. It will also support growth in the Moose Jaw area.

SaskEnergy is proud to provide Saskatchewan residents, businesses and industries with the energy they need to thrive. We are committed to our customers and to our communities. Learn more in our 2022-23 annual report!