Meter exchanges may now be booked online, two-hour arrival the new norm!

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a man in an orange winter coat, back turned, works on a grey gas meter.

One of the ways we deliver safe, reliable natural gas service to customers is through routine testing and scheduled replacement of approximately 15,000 meters each year. 

If you’ve received a notice to get a meter exchanged, it’s more convenient than ever to book an appointment. 

Customers can now book these appointments online up to two months ahead of time, using the customer account at or through our mobile app. This eliminates the need to speak to a member of SaskEnergy’s Customer Service team, although that remains an option. 

Previously, all-day arrival windows were the norm. Now — whether you are in Regina, Rosthern, Radville or Rabbit Lake — you can expect a SaskEnergy Service Technician to arrive within the two-hour window of your choosing. 

SaskEnergy sends a text message reminder a day before the meter exchange and just before the Service Technician’s arrival. We also offer the option to request a call when the Service Technician is on their way. 

Our Service Technicians will be wearing uniforms with the SaskEnergy logo. They will park their vehicle where it is visible to the customer. You can also request to see their identification badge. 

Meter exchanges come at no cost to the customer and you will NOT be asked for payment to complete a meter exchange. 

Customers must be home during our appointments because our technician must shut off the gas flow to install a new meter. The technician must then enter the customer’s home to relight any gas appliances. 

However, we are working to make our customers’ experience more convenient than ever. New gas meters have a bypass valve. This means we will no longer have to shut off the gas flow to customers’ homes during a meter exchange. The goal is to eventually have the majority of our residential customers set up with these valves. 

While meters located inside a residence are not eligible for this upgrade, there is also a plan to move indoor meters outdoors. 

SaskEnergy’s annual meter exchange program is required by the federal Electricity and Gas Inspection Act, which is overseen by Measurement Canada. 

Meters are exchanged to comply with this Act, to check for accuracy or to replace a damaged meter.

SaskEnergy’s gas meters use wireless technology to tell us how much gas a customer has used. Regular meter exchanges provide our customers with the most accurate meter technology available. You can view your month-to-month gas consumption through your Online Account.