SaskEnergy employees try their hands at lacrosse

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A group of people pose on a concrete surface, each holding lacrosse sticks.

SaskEnergy employees had the chance to experience lacrosse, also known as the Creator’s Game or Medicine Game, at the Al Ritchie outdoor rink in Regina on June 21. The event provided the opportunity to connect, play and explore the rich history of the sport!

SaskEnergy’s employee-led committees SAGE and the Joint Diversity Committee partnered with the Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association (SLA) to host this event, which occurred during the noon hour on National Indigenous Peoples Day. Attendees embraced the teachings of lacrosse — unity, respect and harmony — all while getting a sweat on!

Professional box lacrosse player Jeff Shattler, who is of Ojibwe and Inuit descent, brought teachings and got the games started. Shattler, who is on the SLA Board as the Coaching Sector Chair, has competed internationally with the Iroquois Nationals and is a former Saskatchewan Rush player. 

Lacrosse, which is the national summer sport of Canada, involves a combination of athleticism, strategy and teamwork. It is played with a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick called a “crosse.” It symbolizes a spiritual ritual that honours, heals, and celebrates individuals and communities.

Oral traditions teach that the Medicine Game is a gift from the Creator. It was a way to foster unity, promote peace, and strengthen physical and mental well-being. For many Indigenous nations, lacrosse is still more than a game. It is a sacred ritual connecting them to their ancestors and cultural heritage.

The game itself is a “medicine” to drive away sickness and foster positive energy. It teaches the values of community and teamwork, and brings balance to communities. 

Through this event, SaskEnergy employees not only learned about the game of lacrosse, but also the value of working together. Thank you to SAGE and the Joint Diversity Committee for making this event possible, and thank you to Jeff Shattler for sharing your knowledge!