Network Membership Eligibility Requirements

To become a Network Member, the following eligibility requirements must be met for Residential and Commercial Memberships by the applicant and their business:

  • Is registered to carry on business in the Province of Saskatchewan.
  • Fully complies with all laws and regulations, including those respecting safety, legal and environmental.
  • Ensures that all plumbing, heating, electrical, fire protection, air conditioning and ventilation work performed by or on behalf of your company for a customer will be performed by skilled tradespeople who possess the appropriate journeyperson's qualifications and certificates prescribed from time to time by law, or by qualified apprentices under the supervision of such tradespeople.

Eligibility requirements for Residential Membership only:

  • Has a minimum of $2 million in general liability insurance
  • Has a store front with the ability to display an exterior sign at place of business

Eligibility requirements for Commercial Membership only:

  • Has a minimum of $5 million in general liability insurance
  • Has the ability to offer performance bonding