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Ground shifting impacts SaskEnergy’s ability to provide safe, long-term service in two areas

After extensive monitoring, engineering and geotechnical analysis, SaskEnergy has determined it can no longer safely serve a small number of residential properties within two southern Saskatchewan resort communities due to ongoing ground movement.

Slope movement in the community of South Lake, located on Buffalo Pound Lake, is impacting SaskEnergy’s natural gas pipelines, requiring service be discontinued to seven properties. SaskEnergy will be able to reroute a gas pipeline away from a slope movement area, to allow service to continue for an additional 120 properties. Construction work on the pipeline is planned for this fall.

Service will also be removed from two properties in the community of Shore Acres at Last Mountain Lake. Shore Acres was one of the six communities that required permanent natural gas service removal to certain properties affected by ground shifting in 2017. While SaskEnergy continues to closely monitor Last Mountain Lake, the majority of ground movement is located in zones where natural gas service has already been removed.

In addition, a natural gas main located in Deer Valley will be permanently deactivated in an area that had past ground movement. No Deer Valley customers will be affected, as this pipeline does not currently supply natural gas to any properties.

All nine customers at South Lake and Shores Acres have three months to convert their properties to an alternate fuel source, as gas service will be permanently disconnected beginning October 1st. These customers will be provided with a $2,500 fuel transition allowance, to help with converting their home’s appliances to another fuel source.

SaskEnergy closely monitors ground movement in areas where slope failure can occur, using below-ground measurement devices, natural gas leak surveys, geotechnical analysis, mapping and satellite monitoring. Customers who notice signs of ground movement, such as large ground cracks, broken pavement or significant heaving of a building’s foundation – or if you think you smell a natural gas odour near your home or business – are asked to contact SaskEnergy at 1-888-700-0427. A technician will be dispatched to determine if this movement is impacting the natural gas lines serving that property.

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Casey MacLeod
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