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SaskEnergy has applied to the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel for a Delivery Service Rate increase to support continued elevated capital spending on system safety and customer growth initiatives totaling more than $50 million in 2017/18. 

If approved, a typical residential customer would see an increase of $1.65/month – 2.3 per cent of their total bill – effective November 1st, 2017.  The remaining portion of the bill, the Commodity Rate, is unchanged at $3.65/Gigajoule (GJ). 

“As a focus on pipeline safety we continually upgrade existing infrastructure, while investing in the tools and technologies which form part of our system integrity program,” said Ken From, President and Chief Executive Officer, SaskEnergy. “This coming year we have major projects planned to expand and move pipeline infrastructure away from the development occurring in both Saskatoon and Regina.” 

SaskEnergy has added more than 54,000 new residential, business and industrial customers since 2008, with another 4,500 new customers planned this year. 

With the proposed Delivery Service Rate increase, SaskEnergy’s residential delivery charges will remain among the lowest in the country – and the lowest in Western Canada. 

SaskEnergy last adjusted its Delivery Service Rate a year ago, when it implemented an 8.6 per cent increase, while also lowering its Commodity Rate by 14 per cent.  When combined, this resulted in an overall decrease for residential customers of $1.70/month.  With stable prices currently forecast for next winter, no Commodity Rate adjustment is required at this time. 

Additional information on the rate review process, including a full copy of SaskEnergy’s Delivery Service Rate application, will be available through the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel.

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