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SaskEnergy, in collaboration with SaskPower, is expanding its popular Commercial Space and Water Heating Rebate (CSWHR) to include the replacement of rooftop units (RTU) and variable speed electronically commutated motor (ECM) circulating pumps. 

Available to commercial customers since 2019, the CSWHR helps offset the cost of upgrading to high-efficiency equipment while reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

“The expansion of this program by SaskEnergy and SaskPower helps businesses and community organizations more efficiently heat and cool their buildings while also saving them money on their utility bills,” said Dustin Duncan, Minister Responsible for SaskEnergy and SaskPower. “The Commercial Space and Water Heating Rebate is one of the ways our government is helping Saskatchewan people, businesses and community organizations with energy affordability.”

Some types of buildings that could be eligible for equipment replacements under the CSWHR include shops, apartments, malls, offices, clinics, restaurants, civic buildings, community centers, buildings owned or run by non-profit organizations, barns, workshops, and farm buildings that are not used for living. Eligible equipment must be installed by a SaskEnergy Network Member or a Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK) Licensed Contractor.

“The alignment of SaskEnergy and SaskPower on this initiative supports commercial customers to easily access the rebate through a single-point application,” said Kevin Adair, SaskEnergy Executive Vice President, Customer Service Operations, “By expanding the eligible equipment options within the CSWHR, it gives us an opportunity to reach a larger segment of commercial customers who are upgrading their heating and cooling equipment.”

The expansion of this program will now see rooftop units and ECM circulating pumps join the list of eligible equipment that includes furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and more. Rebates are based on the type, efficiency, number of units and size of the equipment installed.

“SaskPower is pleased to be a part of this important rebate program to help Saskatchewan businesses and communities increase their energy efficiency and to save money on their power bills,” said Rhea Brown, SaskPower Executive Vice-President of Customer Experience and Procurement. “SaskPower is committed to supporting our customers looking to implement new, more efficient technologies, and this rebate program will help enable this.” 

Learn more about the CSWHR, including details on eligibility and how to apply for the Commercial Space and Water Heating Rebate.

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