We’re in your Community
SaskEnergy is committed to supporting non-profit organizations, improving the quality of life for those in need and finding ways to celebrate Saskatchewan’s diverse culture.

We are committed to protecting the environment as we deliver safe and reliable energy

Our goal is to provide natural gas service to customers in an environmentally responsible way and to reduce our carbon footprint. Preserving our prairie landscape during gas line installation is one of several actions we are taking.

With all projects, an initial screening will identify any environmental and heritage concerns. Potential issues are escalated to a dedicated SaskEnergy team who will complete a detailed review. The review includes analysis of satellite imagery, wildlife and wildlife habitats, heritage and archaeological sites, impacts to water resources, as well as any potential for high risk invasive species. 

Environmental Sustainability

Loggerhead Shrike bird on a small branch
The Loggerhead Shrike is listed as an endangered species in Saskatchewan. Nesting areas are often found in thorny shrubs, pasture shelterbelts or cropland. Our conservation practices ensure we are not putting our feathered friends at risk.