Commercial Boiler Rebate Program

Terms & Conditions

  1. Overview
  2. Participant Eligibility Criteria
  3. Program Process
  4. Eligible Equipment
  5. Rebates
  6. Additional Terms & Conditions
  7. Documentation

1. Overview

  1. The Commercial Boiler Rebate (the “Program”) conducted by SaskEnergy Incorporated (“SaskEnergy”) is designed to stimulate investment in eligible appropriately sized energy efficient boilers that will reduce natural gas usage and associated operating costs. The Program is targeted to SaskEnergy commercial customers in both new construction and replacement markets.
  2. The Program begins December 1, 2019 and ends August 31, 2022.
  3. The Program offers a rebate payment to partially offset the higher purchase price of higher efficiency boilers.
  4. In new construction, the Program partially offsets the higher purchase price incurred by a developer, builder or owner for high-efficiency equipment.
  5. In the replacement market, the Program reduces the building owner's higher purchase price when replacing existing equipment. Equipment being replaced must be 5 years and older.
  6. This Program is available through SaskEnergy Commercial Network Members only.

2. Participant Eligibility Criteria

  1.  The entity applying under the Program (the “Applicant”) must be a building developer, builder, building owner or owner's designated representative. The Applicant must be a SaskEnergy commercial customer.
  2. The facility or property where the equipment is installed must be located in Saskatchewan. The boiler must use natural gas. 
  3. Only eligible boilers under the Program qualify for a Program rebate (see section 4 for boiler eligibility criteria). 
  4. All equipment must be purchased from and installed by a SaskEnergy Commercial Network Member (“Network Member”). 
  5. Applications must be received by SaskEnergy on or before the close of business on August 31, 2022. 
  6. Equipment must be purchased and installed within 12 months of receiving a letter of approval for rebates from SaskEnergy. 
  7. Applicants that, directly or indirectly, are operated or owned by, or receive their primary (e.g. 50% or greater) funding from, the Province of Saskatchewan or the Government of Canada are not eligible to receive rebates under the Program (e.g. hospitals, schools, government departments and ministries, Crown Corporations, RCMP, RCAF, Service Canada, etc.). 
  8. SaskEnergy customers with an annual consumption in excess of 660,000 m3 are not eligible to receive rebates under the Program.

3. Program Process

  1. Applicant's Network Member or qualified professional determines the capacity of the boiler plant, type of boiler (i.e. condensing or near-condensing), capacity and number of boilers required to meet the space and water heating requirements of the building. 
  2. Applicant's Network Member completes Commercial Boiler application form.  Applicant reviews form and signs. Network Member submits form to SaskEnergy. 
  3. SaskEnergy reviews application for completeness.  
    1. If application is complete, SaskEnergy estimates the rebate payable to the Applicant.  
    2. If application is incomplete, SaskEnergy may ask for additional information or documentation. 
  4. Applicant and Network Member receive a letter from SaskEnergy stating whether the application is approved or rejected. If approved, an estimate of the rebate(s) will be stated in the letter. 
  5. Eligible equipment is purchased from, and installed by, Network Member within 12 months of receiving letter of approval for rebates from SaskEnergy. 
  6. Network Member submits required documentation to SaskEnergy (See Section 7 for documentation requirements). 
  7. SaskEnergy reviews documents for completeness.  
    1. If all documents are in order and the Applicant has met all the requirements of the Program and there are no material changes from the original application, SaskEnergy issues a rebate cheque to the indicated choice of either the Applicant or the Network Member. 
    2. If all documents are in order and the Applicant has met all the requirements of the Program, but the installed boiler capacity and/or boiler purchase price has changed since the application was first submitted, SaskEnergy recalculates the rebate and issues a cheque for the revised boiler rebate to the indicated choice of either the Applicant or the Network Member.

4. Eligible Equipment

  1. In order for equipment to be eligible under the Program:
    • the equipment must be a natural gas hot water heating boiler system (multiple boiler modules housed in a single jacket constitute one boiler);
    • the minimum total installed boiler plant input rating is 400,000 BTU/hr (note:  A boiler plant can be made up of 1 or more boilers);
    • the equipment must have 90%+ AFUE/Thermal Efficiency (replacement market) or 95%+ AFUE/Thermal Efficiency (new construction market); and
    • listed on the eligible boiler list maintained by SaskEnergy based on the specifications published by Natural Resources Canada and AHRI (an unofficial copy of the list will be published on SaskEnergy's website at but this published list cannot be relied upon). Please contact SaskEnergy Customer Solutions if you have questions about equipment eligibility. 
  2. Eligible boiler replacements include replacing condensing boiler(s) with new condensing boiler(s) if the original boiler(s) are more than 5 years old. 
  3. Space, domestic hot water and/or pool heating loads are eligible. 
  4. All equipment must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specification and must comply with applicable laws, codes, standards and ordinances. 
  5. All equipment must be new. Used or rebuilt boilers are not eligible. 
  6. For the purposes of the eligible boiler list maintained by SaskEnergy, all boilers under 300,000 BTU/hr will be listed as AFUE with respect to efficiency.

5. Rebates

  1. Boiler rebates for condensing boilers will be calculated as follows: 
    1. $10 per 1,000 BTU/hr for the first 600,000 BTU/hr 
    2. $3 per 1,000 BTU/hr above 600,000 BTU/hr 
    3. Maximum eligible rebate is $40,200 
  2. The boiler system price consists of the Applicant's purchase price of the boiler system including installation labour, venting, accessories, permits and consultants fee, less any vendor rebates.

6. Additional Terms & Conditions

  1. Funding for this Program is limited. SaskEnergy may, in its sole discretion, determine how the funding will be shared between the new construction market and the replacement market. This may mean that SaskEnergy may continue to accept new construction market applications after the Program has been terminated for the replacement market or the converse.
  2. SaskEnergy reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate the Program at any time with or without notice, and is not obligated to make any payments whatsoever. 
  3. SaskEnergy, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to limit the number of boilers an Applicant may receive a rebate in relation to under the Program. 
  4. If SaskEnergy amends or modifies the Program after an application is received and pre-approved by SaskEnergy, the Applicant cannot resubmit an application for the same boiler plant under the amended or modified Program. 
  5. In order to be eligible for the Program, applications must be submitted to and approved by SaskEnergy prior to the purchase and installation of Equipment. 
  6. Applicant agrees it will notify SaskEnergy immediately in writing (refer to 8) if there is any material change to the information contained in the original application as approved by SaskEnergy. 
  7. Applications for funding from the Program are co-applications by the Network Member and the Applicant. In the event an Applicant chooses to award the work to a different Network Member, a new application to the Program will be required. 
  8. Applicant acknowledges that by taking part in the Program, the installed equipment may use less natural gas and electricity, producing fewer emissions. Applicant agrees to permit SaskEnergy to view the SaskEnergy bill(s) for the facility or property containing the equipment to monitor and publicly report on changes in energy consumption as a result of the eligible equipment. All information regarding energy consumption shared with others or used in promotional material will be aggregated with other properties participating in the Program. 
  9. Any rebate payments made under the Program are, in addition to these terms and conditions, also subject to terms and conditions contained in the application form, the Customer Satisfaction Acknowledgement, and related documents. In the event of a conflict, the terms and conditions stated herein will prevail.
  10. SaskEnergy reserves the right to audit rebates paid through the Program. Applicants consent to and agree that a SaskEnergy representative may inspect, before or after installation, a building that was the subject of an application to confirm the indicated equipment was installed. Applicants also consent to and agree that SaskEnergy, and/or an authorized third party may contact Applicants to conduct survey(s) regarding the Program or to follow-up with the Applicant with respect to the Program and/or the equipment installed.  
  11. Applicant agrees to transfer to SaskEnergy, ownership of credit for greenhouse gas reduction and/or carbon credit associated directly or indirectly with the Unit.

    Representation and Warranties
  12. Applicant represents and warrants that it will comply with, and adhere to, the Program terms and conditions, including eligibility criteria. 
  13. Applicant represents and warrants that all information provided in relation to the Program is complete, true and correct.  

  14. In the event the Applicant fails to adhere to the terms and conditions contained herein, SaskEnergy reserves the right to void the application documents and SaskEnergy will be released from any and all obligations under the Program.  

  15. SaskEnergy will have no ownership interest in equipment purchased by the Applicant.
  16. SaskEnergy, not being the designer or manufacturer of equipment purchased by the Applicant, makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the fitness, design or capability of the material, equipment or workmanship in any equipment, nor any warranty that any equipment will satisfy the requirements of any law, specification, or contract. 
  17. Applicant will be solely responsible for and shall indemnify and save harmless SaskEnergy and its subsidiaries, and its respective employees, directors, agents, contractors, sub-contractors and representatives from all claims, demands, causes of action, suits, judgments and penalties whatsoever and wheresoever arising out of or by the reason of the performance, or purported performance, or nonperformance, by your employees, directors, agents, contractors, subcontractors or representatives of the Program including, without limitation, those made or sustained in respect of property damage, personal injury (including death), infringement of copyright or trademark, builders or other liens.
  18. SaskEnergy does not endorse any particular manufacturer, product, system, design, supplier or installer in promoting the Program.  

    Tax Implication
  19. SaskEnergy will not be responsible for any tax liability imposed on the Applicant as a result of payments of the rebate. For GST Registrants, rebates received by the Applicant include GST which must be remitted by the Applicant to the Receiver General of Canada.

7. Documentation

All market participants

  1. SaskEnergy is not responsible for lost, delayed, damaged, illegible or incomplete applications. 
  2. The following documents must be submitted to SaskEnergy:
    1. Prior to approval:
      1. Completed application form
    2. After installation:
      1. Completed Customer Satisfaction Agreement
      2. Copy of gas permit
      3. Copy of boiler installation permit (if for any reason a boiler permit is not required by the governing body, the details of why the permit is not required must be submitted to SaskEnergy)
      4. Copy of the boiler start up report by the manufacturer or an authorized factory representative
      5. Copy of the sales invoice that shows customer and Network Member names(s), boiler make(s), model(s), serial numbers(s), and boiler input ratings(s) (MBH)