Home Efficiency Retrofit Rebate

Terms and Conditions 

  1. Overview
  2. Eligibility Criteria
  3. Program Participation Process
  4. Eligible Measures and Rebate Amounts
  5. Additional Terms and Conditions

1.0 Overview

  1. The Home Efficiency Retrofit Rebate (“HERR" or "the Program”) administered by SaskEnergy Incorporated (“SaskEnergy”), in collaboration with Saskatchewan Power Corporation ("SaskPower"), is designed to offer eligible homeowners (“the Participants”) rebates for improving the building envelope of their homes with high performance windows, doors, insulation and air sealing upgrades, which can lower energy usage and costs, while increasing the homes' overall comfort.
  2. The Program begins November 20, 2023. SaskEnergy may change or cancel the Program at any time, without notice, and at its discretion.
  3. The Program is targeted at residential homeowners in Saskatchewan, who have completed or are completing their EnerGuide evaluations for their Canada Greener Homes Grant (CGHG) application on or after November 20, 2023. 
  4. The Program offers up to a maximum of $2,000 in rebates per CGHG application.

2.0 Eligibility Criteria

  1. A Participant under the Program must be the registered homeowner of the property indicated on the CGHG application; and the property must be located in Saskatchewan.
  2. The home must have all interior and exterior finishes in place and have functioning heating equipment.
  3. Only residential properties are eligible. Building types specified on the CGHG’s eligibility list are eligible for this Program. 
  4. Participants must have complete use, control and ownership of the building and the surrounding land if the building is a row house, townhome, or residential mixed-use building.  
  5. Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) over three storeys above ground or over 600 m2 in building area are not eligible.
  6. The residential property must be a fully serviced existing building suitable for human habitation, occupied on permanent year-round basis and deemed to be in suitable working condition for improvements available through the Program.
  7. If you have completed a pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation prior to the start of the Program on November 20, 2023, you will only be eligible to participate in the Program once you perform your retrofits and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations.
  8. Participants must have performed renovations to one or more of the following to be eligible for the Program: 1. windows; 2. doors; 3. home insulation and 4. air sealing.
  9. New homes are not eligible for the Program. New homes are defined as homes that are no more than six months old, based on the date of occupancy by the first homeowner. 
  10. Dwellings may be bought and sold throughout the duration of the Program. Any evaluation done by a previous owner is no longer valid. Participants will need a new EnerGuide evaluation to be eligible. 
  11. Indigenous governments or organizations (e.g. band councils, land claim organizations) are eligible to participate in the Program if the home(s) are owned by the CGHG applicant.
  12.  Rebates can be claimed only once.

3.0 Program Participation Process

  1. Participants can only participate in the Program if they are completing or re-opening their EnerGuide evaluations on or after the Program launch date.
  2. Participants must submit all receipts and documentation for their CGHG application to the CGHG portal and request for their CGHG grant. It may take 6-8 weeks for the CGHG documents to be completely reviewed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), after which NRCan will send SaskEnergy,  Participants' complete CGHG application details. 
  3. SaskEnergy will then review to determine the additional rebates for the Program's eligible measures. 
  4. If Participants meet all Program requirements, SaskEnergy may approve eligible rebate(s). 
  5. If approved, Participants will automatically receive the rebate cheque within 6 to 8 weeks in the mail.

4.0 Eligible Measures and Rebate Amounts

Participants will be eligible to receive:

  • Rebates from $20 to $1,800 for HERR's eligible measures.
  • A $200 rebate for the total costs of their pre and post retrofit EnerGuide evaluations only if one or more of the Program's eligible measures is installed*.
  • Up to a total rebate of $2,000.

*For clarity, heat pumps and other CGHG retrofits which are not considered an eligible measure under this Program do not qualify for a rebate. 

All eligible measure requirements and applicable rebate amounts available from the Program can be viewed on saskenergy.com.

4.1 Windows
  • Eligibility requirements for windows are the same as the CGHG and are specified on the CGHG web site
4.2 Doors
  • Eligibility requirements for doors are the same as the CGHG and are specified on the CGHG web site.
4.3 Insulation
  • Eligibility requirements for insulation are the same as the CGHG and are specified on the CGHG web site.  


  • Exterior Wall Insulation - The rebate amount will be pro-rated based on the total percentage of your exterior walls that you choose to insulate. This means if you insulate 80% of your exterior wall area, you would qualify for 80% of the rebate amount listed, provided you have not reached the maximum rebate amount with other eligible upgrades. 
  • Attic / Cathedral Ceiling / Flat Roof Insulation - The rebate amount will be pro-rated based on the percentage of the total roof assembly that you choose to insulate, provided you have not reached the maximum rebate amount with other eligible upgrades. Inaccessible roof spaces also count towards the entire area of the roof assembly.
  • Basement Wall Insulation - The rebate amount will be pro-rated based on the total percentage of your basement walls that you choose to insulate. This means if you insulate 80% of your basement wall area, you would qualify for 80% of the rebate amount listed, provided you have not reached the maximum rebate amount with other eligible upgrades. 
4.4 Air Sealing
  • Eligibility requirements for air sealing are the same as the CGHG and are specified on the CGHG web site.

5.0 Additional Terms and Conditions

  1. SaskEnergy reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate the Program at any time with or without notice, and for any reason, without penalty or further obligation.
  2. Program funding is limited. SaskEnergy, in its sole discretion, reserves the right at any time to limit the number of rebates, and/or the amount of a rebate payable to a Participant or in respect to a building.
  3.  If SaskEnergy amends or modifies the Program after a CGHG application verification is complete and approved by SaskEnergy, the Participant cannot resubmit another  application under the amended or modified Program.
  4. Participant acknowledges their home may use less natural gas and electricity and produce fewer emissions. Participant agrees to permit SaskEnergy to view the utility bill(s) for the home to monitor and publicly report on changes in energy consumption as a result of the retrofits. All information regarding energy consumption used in reporting and/or promotional material will be aggregated with other homes in the Program and/or anonymized.
  5. SaskEnergy is not obligated to provide rebates to any Participant and will select Participants based on a first come, first serve basis. It is within SaskEnergy’s sole discretion to accept or reject any Participant who meets Program eligibility criteria.
  6. SaskEnergy reserves the right to prioritize CGHG application verifications for Program rebates within the funding available.
  7. The availability, timing, and amount of rebates are subject to available Program funding.
  8. SaskEnergy reserves the right to audit and/or collect information related to the Program, which includes, but is not limited to rebates paid through the Program, and the right to review the Participant’s customer billing data. By participating in this Program, Participants consent to SaskEnergy receiving information from NRCan in order to confirm their participation in the CGHG.
5.1    Use and Disclosure of Information
  1. Participant consents and agrees that SaskEnergy may:
    1. contact the Participant by phone, mail, email or other method to administer, implement, evaluate and research all elements of the Program, verify information, and to conduct surveys; 
    2. collect and use information (including personal information) acquired during participation in the Program and may disclose the information to affiliates, contractors, the Federal Government and SaskPower, to administer, implement and evaluate the Program, to conduct research, to confirm eligibility, to verify compliance, for quality assurance, and to develop other energy efficiency programs; and 
    3. retrieve account information and bill data for a period of 5 years prior to, and 5 years after, the Program participation to evaluate consumption and energy savings attributable to the Program.
  2. SaskEnergy or an authorized third party may contact Participants regarding the Program or to follow-up with the Participant with respect to the Program and/or the rebates received.
  3. All personal information received pursuant to the Program shall be handled in accordance with SaskEnergy's Privacy Policy.  
  4. SaskEnergy may ask for Participant volunteers to be profiled for the purpose of promoting the Program.

5.2    Representation and Warranties

a.    Participant represents and warrants that it complies, and will continue to comply, with the Program eligibility criteria contained herein.    
b.    Participant represents and warrants that all information provided in relation to the Program is complete, true, and correct.    

5.3    Default
  1.  In the event the Participant fails to adhere to the terms and conditions contained herein, SaskEnergy reserves the right to void the application documents for the additional rebates and SaskEnergy will be released from any and all obligations under the Program.  In the event the Participant fails to adhere to these Terms and Conditions, is or becomes ineligible for any reason to receive a rebate paid to it, or receives a rebate in error, SaskEnergy reserves the rights to collect any rebate paid as a debt owed to SaskEnergy.
5.4     Liability
  1. SaskEnergy will have no ownership interest in the eligible measures retrofitted.
  2. SaskEnergy, not being the designer, supplier, or manufacturer of the insulation, windows, doors, air sealing products or other materials associated with upgrades, makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the fitness, design or capability of the materials, or workmanship, nor any warranty that the eligible measures will satisfy the requirements of any law, specification, or contract. 
  3. Participant will be solely responsible for and shall indemnify and save harmless SaskEnergy and its subsidiaries and its respective employees, directors, agents, sub-contractors and representatives from all claims, demands, causes of action, suits, judgements and penalties whatsoever and wheresoever arising out of or in relation to the Program including, without limitation, those made or sustained in respect of property damage, personal injury (including death), infringement of copyright or trademark, builders or other liens. 
  4. SaskEnergy does not endorse any manufacturer, product, system, design, supplier or installer in relation to the Program. 
  5.  SaskEnergy does not guarantee that the Participant will benefit from reduced utility costs as a result of the retrofits.
5.5  Tax Implication
  1. SaskEnergy will not be responsible for any tax liability imposed on the Participant as a result of payment of the rebate. For GST Registrants, rebates received by the Participant include GST which must be remitted by the Participant to the Receiver General of Canada.