Meter Handling for Contractors

Care and attention is important when shipping, receiving, transporting and storing natural gas meters. If handled incorrectly, physical or mechanical damage could result in a defective meter that is no longer accurate or reliable.

SaskEnergy is required to follow the guidelines issued by Measurement Canada, an agency of the Federal Government. The option for contractors to disconnect our meters can continue by ensuring all guidelines are followed. By working together, we can provide a high level of service to our mutual customers in a safe and efficient way.

Guidelines for Working with Natural Gas Meters

  • Meters must not be thrown or dropped.
  • Do not use the meter as leverage while removing meter collars. The strain can cause damage to the sealing surface, internal gears or drive assemblies - increasing the risk of a leak.
  • Meters must be maintained in an upright position at all times. Do not lay them down on the back or side.
  • Place an uninstalled meter near the meter set location and away from high traffic areas.
  • Do not leave a meter hanging by one collar.
  • Care should be taken to cover the inlet and outlet of the meter while it’s disconnected from the gas line. This is to prevent foreign material, such as snow, rain or dust from entering the meter. A cover such as a clean rag is acceptable. Plastic dust caps are available by contacting SaskEnergy.
  • If the gaskets are removed, do not stuff them in the inlet or outlet of the meter.

Notify SaskEnergy immediately if:

  • You drop or damage the meter
  • The seal wires are broken or the plug seals are missing
  • Extra force is required to turn the shut-off valve or to remove the meter
  • A leak develops or you suspect a potential leak may occur

Dealer Valve

A dealer valve allows contractors to turn gas off/on at the valve instead of contacting SaskEnergy to turn the gas off/on at the riser. While SaskEnergy currently installs a dealer valve on new meters, many properties do not have these valves. If you are working on a property without a dealer valve, contact us to install one.