It's here! SaskEnergy's new Online Account is now available.

It’s been a while since we've had big news to share but you can now Sign In to your new mobile-friendly Online Account. 

Were you a My Account customer? 

Not to worry. Your My Account profile has automatically been converted to the new Online Account; however, you will need to Sign In using your email address and password to validate your online account. Your email address will replace your current User ID. 

Don't have an online account yet?

Signing up is easy. Register using our step-by-step instructions. 

Available Features  

You’ll want to Sign In for this

  • Update your notification preference to receive an email or text message when your bill is ready to view
  • View your current and past billing information
  • Understand your natural gas consumption
  • Add Guest Users who may need access to help manage your account
  • Link multiple account to manage bills for your cottage, business, farm or home
  • Pay your bill by credit card
  • Enroll in paperless billing
  • Apply for the Equalized Payment Plan to help manage your budget
  • Sign up for automatic payment withdrawals through the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan
  • Submit an inquiry

What's coming 

More enhancements will be available soon, such as:

  • A SaskEnergy Mobile App
  • Online Appointment Booking for service appointments
  • Landlord functionality which allows landlords the ability to self-manage their Landlord Service Transfer Agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register if I don't have an Online Account with SaskEnergy?

Register here for your new Online Account. 

2. What does it mean to be an Account Owner? 

The Account Owner is the one who is primarily responsible for the SaskEnergy account, which includes ensuring the account is in good financial standing and who has accepted responsibility for natural gas service as outline in SaskEnergy’s Terms & Conditions of Service Schedule . The Account Owner must be the one to register and create the online account and is the only one who can add Guest Users to the account.

3. I'm having problems gaining access to my Online Account?

It could be that the information you provided does not match our records or if you have a joint account the account number could already be registered, and you will need to be added as a Guest User. If you need assistance, contact Customer Support at 1-800-567-8899.

4. What is the new Guest User feature?

The Account Owner can add and remove Guest Users to help manage daily operations. There are two Guest Users roles that the Account Owner can assign:

Super User Access allows a guest to perform all tasks, including updating preferences, payment information or updating the account profile. They are not able to add additional guest users to the account.

Standard User Access allows a guest to view account information and make a payment. They cannot make any changes to any of the online account preferences or setting.

5. How long do I have to Sign In to the new account before I have to re-register? 

If you were a My Account customer and already have an online account with us, you will have 6 months to Sign In and validate your account by Signing In with your Email Address and password. 

6. Do I have to register again if I was a My Account user? 

No, you don’t need to register again. Your account will automatically be converted to the new version. However, you’ll need to validate your account by Signing In with your Email Address and password. 

7. I remember my username but not the email address I registered with. What do I do?

If you only have a username and don’t remember the email address you signed up with, you can call 1-800-567-8899 and a Customer Service Representative can help you, or you can choose to set up a new account by registering again. 

8. Will I still receive a PDF of my bill to my email address? 

You will no longer receive a PDF of your bill in a monthly email. However, you will still receive notice when your bill is ready to view via email, and now have the option to be notified by text message. You will be able to download a PDF version of your bill once you Sign In.

9. Does Signing In to my new Online Account mean I will no longer receive a paper copy of my bill? 

Your preferences will remain the same once you are Signed In to your new Online Account, however now is a good time to sign up for paperless billing as you’ll be able to easily view your bill on your mobile device. 

10. My husband and I have the same SaskEnergy Account number, can we both create and online account? 

The first person to Sign In or Register will be the Account Owner. The Account Owner can add Guest Users to the account to help manage daily operations. 

11. Will I still receive an email when my bill is ready to view? 

You will continue to receive these monthly emails; however, you now have the option to receive a notification viz text message instead. Sign in to update your preferences. 

12. I'm enrolled for Pre-Authorized Payments; will that continue once I've signed into my new Online Account? 

Yes, if you are already enrolled in PPP that will continue.

13. Why am I not able to enter my first or last name when trying to register? 

Our system does not recognize any special characters in the first and last name fields when registering. Please enter your first and last name without any special characters. 

14. What web browser should I use when accessing my Online Account? 

We recommend using the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. If you are using one of these browsers and still having issues accessing your Online Account or downloading PDFs try clearing your cache. Please contact our Customer Support team at 1-800-567-8899 if your problem continues.