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Natural gas is lighter than air and will dissipate into the atmosphere unless confined. It has a higher combustion temperature than other fuels.  Combustion cannot occur unless a narrow range of fuel-to-air mixture is present.  Find out what to do if you smell natural gas.

The most common way to detect a natural gas leak is by smell. The use of a natural gas detector is an additional and/or alternative safety measure for detecting a natural gas leak. 

For safe, efficient use of natural gas in your home, it is important that you respect natural gas, know how to use it properly and follow manufacturer directions for using and taking care of natural gas appliances. By properly caring for your appliances, you'll help ensure safe and effective operation.

Safety is our priority at SaskEnergy!

  • Our System Integrity Management Program takes steps to ensure our natural gas systems are well protected.
  • Contractors who work in safety sensitive positions are required to either comply with the SaskEnergy Drug & Alcohol Policy Standard or their own similar policy which they can demonstrate is equivalent to or exceeds the provisions of SaskEnergy's policy.
  • Participation in Sask1st Call line locating services ensures your safety and the safety of everyone around you by having natural gas lines marked prior to digging or excavating.
  • Planning a project? Permission to proceed with work is required if any activity will be taking place within a SaskEnergy Right-of-Way or within 1.5 metres of a pipeline if no Right-of-Way exists.
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If you suspect a natural gas line has been damaged, call SaskEnergy's 24-Hour Emergency toll-free number at 1-888-700-0427 and 911. Any gas line damage, no matter how minor must be reported to SaskEnergy. Find out what you need to know before you dig or if you hit a line.



LINE LOCATES (Sask 1st Call) 1-866-828-4888

Theft of natural gas and tampering with SaskEnergy equipment can create a safety hazard for the offender and the offender's neighbors. It is an offence under The SaskEnergy Act and the Criminal Code. Theft of gas affects SaskEnergy rates for paying customers. Report theft of gas by contacting Customer Service.


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