Pillar Three: People

Employee health and safety

Our more than 1,100 employees are key to our success. We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive and engaging workplace to attract and retain a workforce that is able to meet the changing environmental and business landscape of tomorrow.

Our goal is to see every employee go home safely at the end of each day and meet the vision of Mission: Zero — zero injuries, zero fatalities and zero suffering. 

Strengthening our safety culture

At SaskEnergy, it is imperative that a culture of safety is embedded into everything we do, each and every day. As part of this commitment, our employees complete ongoing training in key areas to maintain current skills and learn new ones. This may include formal training, work observations, competency assessments, tabletop exercises, and safety-related collaboration with community and industry partners.

Providing a rewarding employee experience

SaskEnergy is committed to providing an employee experience that will attract, retain and engage the people who drive our success.

A positive corporate culture, supportive managers, trust in leadership and opportunities to provide meaningful work are some of the key factors of employee experience. Every two years, SaskEnergy conducts a formal corporate employee engagement survey to understand employee perceptions of our work environment.

As we continue to enhance employee engagement, we are proud to have been named one of Canada's Top 100 Employers for 2023, along with recognition of being one of Saskatchewan's Top Employers. 


employees taking part in training

Diversity and inclusion

A diverse workforce allows us to meet our environmental responsibilities while providing energy to Saskatchewan's residents and businesses. 

We take pride in our people and promote and encourage a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. We value individual differences, unique perspectives and backgrounds, and the variety of contributions each of our employees brings to work.

Through the attraction, retention and development of skilled employees, SaskEnergy strives to have a workforce that reflects the changing demographics of Saskatchewan.

Three employees representing human resources and recruitment at SaskEnergy