Pillar Three: People

Employee health and safety

Our more than 1,200 employees are key to our success. We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive and engaging workplace to attract and retain a workforce that is able to meet the changing environmental and business landscape of tomorrow.

Our goal is to see every employee go home safely at the end of each day and meet the vision of Mission: Zero — zero injuries, zero fatalities and zero suffering. 

Strengthening our safety culture

At SaskEnergy, it is imperative that a culture of safety is embedded into everything we do, each and every day. As part of this commitment, our employees complete ongoing training in key areas to maintain current skills and learn new ones. This may include formal training, work observations, competency assessments, tabletop exercises, and safety-related collaboration with community and industry partners.

    Investing in our employees

    SaskEnergy’s learning and development strategy is designed to assist our employees in building their personal and professional skills while increasing our ability to respond to the changing business environment.

    Our strategy has five key goals to enable the success of our people and successfully execute on our business plans:

    • developing people capabilities
    • attract and retain top talent
    • motivate and engage employees
    • create a values-based culture
    • build an employer brand




    employees taking part in training


    Diversity and inclusion

    A diverse workforce allows us to meet our environmental responsibilities while providing energy to the people of Saskatchewan. 

    Every two years, we conduct an employee engagement survey. Results from the 2021 survey show that our performance with respect to diversity and inclusion is above average. We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment that recognizes and appreciates all employee perspectives and talents.

    SaskEnergy employees provide bannock to their peers for National Indigenous Peoples Day