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Apply for Sponsorship

When reviewing sponsorship opportunities, SaskEnergy/TransGas considers the following:

  • How many people will benefit from the event/program;
  • How would our donation impact the overall budget of the event/program;
  • Will there be a lasting impact or legacy as a result of this sponsorship;
  • How will SaskEnergy/TransGas be included in the sponsorship project such as profile with speaking opportunities or volunteering;
  • Does this event/program support rural Saskatchewan;
  • What other sponsors are participating and how;

SaskEnergy/TransGas does not support the following types of initiatives:

  • Political groups or events
  • Religious groups or events
  • Third party funding organizations (such as professional telephone solicitors or private charitable foundations)
  • Individual pursuits
  • Sports teams - with the exception of elite level teams competing at an inter-provincial or national level, such as the Saskatchewan Roughriders, University teams or Canada Games athletes
  • Capital campaigns - with the exception of unique campaigns providing facilities of significant educational or heritage importance for the province. Such capital requests must have the written approval of the President
  • Out-of-province events or travel expenses - with the exception of modest assistance, such as a raffle item, for a local fundraising event held to assists a not for profit youth group with an out of province trip. For example, in the case where a youth hockey teams wins a provincial championship and is raising funds to travel to nationals and represent the province, or a youth music organization is planning to go on tour and compete outside the province.

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